Should Graphic Designers Know How To Code?

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Graphic Design or Web Design?

The web design industry is continuously changing and what was pertinent 10 years ago is no longer. Some people who get into the graphic design industry are concerned with whether they need to know convert a PSD to HTML markup, the reality is that graphic design and web development and two different things. While you can definitely have both abilities it is important to understand that focusing on your core competencies (or strengths) is what will make you that much more successful in your field. If you find that you have a talent for graphic design then focus on that and leave the programming to others.

Web Design Vs. Graphic Design

For people who do not fully understand web development, it is a common misconception that graphic design and web design are the same thing. It is not. Graphic designers use images, pictures, colors and pixels while Web Designers work with HTML, PHP and .NET programming language to put it all together. And just like a painter who needs to focus his efforts on picking the proper brushes, color combinations, shades and styles, a web designer needs to focus on his coding, syntax and HTML markup.

There are some graphic designers who are also web designers and know how to convert a photoshop file into a website, the reality is that you don’t need to focus on both. You can be very successful in simply choosing on of the fields instead of worrying about learning two different careers. Many graphic designers simply us a PSD to HTML service to have their graphic designs converted to HTML markup. This enables them to keep their main energy focused where it needs to be: on their particular niche.

Like Butter On Toast

If you analyze the two different career paths, they are similar, but they also have major differences. HTML coding has a distinctly different set of elements when compared against Graphic Design, and if you are a person who is good at creating images but lacks the coding knowledge of a experienced programmer the last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you can convert your PSD to HTML for a website. Instead, you can opt for a PSD to HTML service that quickly and easily takes care of the transfer for you.

Think of yourself like butter. If you try to spread yourself too thin on top of a piece of toast the end result is that you are just that: spread too thin. Instead of the piece of toast tasting good when it is eaten, you are left with a piece of toast that is dry and catches in your throat when swallowed. The reality is that if you have a talent you should be focusing 100% of your energies on it rather than trying to master more than one element.

PSD to HTML Service

One of the major issues in the industry today is that many web designers think that they are graphic designers and vice versa. What you are left with is a website that is sloppy and poorly written, because the graphic designer thought they could code, or you have images that just don’t work with the actual website given the fact that the programmer is using out-dated design methods or just doesn’t understand the brushes, colors and effects.

If you have a talent, stick to it. This is why many companies are starting to offer PSD to HTML service, since designers like you are looking for PSD to HTML solutions in their field. Rather than worry about complicated HTML coding, graphic designers should instead be focusing on their core skills, refining their design elements to create the best visual imagery as possible. And just as important is that web designers learn to benefit from the mastery of a graphic designer and instead simply use a PSD to CSS or PSD to HTML service to experience the true potential of graphic design from a pro.